Jordan Melo M6 Performance Review

Oct 28, 2009 | George Kiel III |



The 2009-2010 NBA season is finally here! Therefore, we are sure to see a plethora of new basketball sneakers throughout the year. Also, pay attention to Kicks On Court which begins tomorrow. However, seeing that the season more than likely starts very soon for you high school and college basketball players out there, we want you to prepared for the immediate future.

With that said, we put multiple sneakers through our performance test in an attempt to make your sneaker decision. You will see more sneakers in the coming days, however, the first shoe we tested is the Jordan Melo M6. Obviously, this is the sixth installment in Anthony’s ever-growing line. The Melo M6 has received more negative remarks than positive regarding its makeup, yet, you might be surprised how it tested. Click here to view the performance review along with the detailed shots of this sneaker.

Jordan Melo M6 Performance Review

Strengths: At a first glance, the Jordan Melo M6 seems to possess a bulky, sturdy look that is fit for the rough, indoor/outdoor post-up game that Carmelo Anthony possess. While it can be considered a rather tough, hardcore sneaker, its interior features the exact opposite attributes. The Melo 6’s comfortableness is unmatched through its extreme level of cushioning. The Phylon midsole provides this shoe with a very responsive feel. In other words, when playing in the Melo M6, your foot is undoubtedly supported throughout the forefoot all the way to the heel. It simply feels as if you are walking on air which can also be appreciated because of the Zoom Air unit.? We must also applaud Jordan Brand for making a shoe that is compatible with the signature player as did the Jordan Melo M5. Carmelo Anthony’s mid-post game involves a lot of stopping and starting along with some ‘quick’ jumping seeing that he is usually scoring close around the basket. Therefore, this shoe allows you to be in control of your own foot. Your foot feels as if it is a part of the shoe when making quick lateral and vertical moves.

Weaknesses: Although the heel and forefoot cushioning are almost second to none, the same cannot be said about its stability. This attribute seems to be unbalanced from the heel to the forefoot. The latter area possesses somewhat of a flat feel to it which is mainly seen on skate inspired sneakers. One’s foot tends to slide when coming to a complete stop because of its lack of stability. In addition, because this shoe possesses a very tight feel to it, breathability can be a concern for the wearer. However, this can be a positive or a negative depending on the player. If you are one that likes your sneaker to totally grip your foot than this would be a great choice. On the contrary, if you are more in tune with a shoe that allows your foot to breathe and you need extra space in the interior then you may have a harder time adapting.

Overall, the Jordan Melo M6 is a very underrated sneaker seeing that many of you do not particularly care for its makeup. Yet, it performs very well. Its unmatched, player-friendly attributes, which include extreme cushioning and comfort, makes this shoe a great choice to play basketball in.

Check out the Jordan Melo M5 Performance Review and compare/contrast the advantages and disadvantages of each. Which pair coincides with your strengths the most?


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