Throwback Thursday: JMJ & Run DMC Tribute

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Today marks six years of the tragic murder of the legendary Jam Master Jay. Every week we take a look back to the past and pull out a shoe that has meant much to us whether it be a hot design, something comfortable, or the shoes that an athlete was wearing while accomplishing the unthinkable; but, this week we wanted to take time to pay tribute and homage to a legendary group that forever changed hip hop and sneakers.

We could spend hours (if not days) talking about Run DMC’s contribution to hip hop, but I shutter to think how differently sneakers would be if it wasn’t for the trio. One of the many amazing tracks on the 1986 record Raising Hell was one that told the story of the importance of sneakers – “My Adidas.” Run DMC definitely wasn’t the first crew to rock shell-toes, throw in the fat laces, or wear them without strings, but their song “My Adidas” proclaimed to the world about the importance that sneakers played to many individuals. In less than 3 minutes one could identify with the track that sneakers were not just something worn on your feet, but rather a part of you. Wherever you went, whatever you did, your shoes were with you every step of the way.

I recognize that Adidas sneakers may have never been your thing, but this track changed the way every person looked at their kicks whether they had stripes, swooshes or a silhouette of a young kid soaring through the air.

Thank you for what you gave us DMC, Rev Run, and Jam Master Jay. We will never forget what you have given us.

R.I.P. JMJ 1965-2002

Adidas Pro Model signed by Run DMC

Adidas Pro Model signed by Run DMC

Adidas Pro Model signed by Run DMC

Adidas Pro Model signed by Run DMC

Run DMC wearing Adidas

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