From Devils to Darlings: The Sneaker Rise of Duke Basketball

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words // Pierce Simpson:

Anytime Duke Basketball is spoken about, you either have one of two reactions: sheer hatred or complete adoration. Much like the New York Yankees or the Dallas Cowboys, the Duke Blue Devils Men’s Basketball program will forever draw a polarizing reaction from hoops enthusiasts as their storied legacy has kept them in the headlines for decades.

Now whatever reaction you may evoked whenever the Blue Devils are mentioned, there is one particular thing that can’t be ignored and that’s their sneaker history. From nostalgic adidas models to a plethora of Nike PEs, the history of Duke Basketball is dripping with iconic sneakers that have been a part of some iconic moments.

So, with that in mind, flip through the pages below to get a detailed account of Duke’s sneaker history as we present the latest NK Original feature.

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