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It was already great to be a Foot Locker VIP, with exclusive offers, early access to products, and other great opportunities steadily coming your way, but now Foot Locker has sweetened the deal with the ?Hottest Month Ever? sweepstakes. Between February 27th and March 5th, 32 lucky winners will receive a pair of new release sneakers, but only Foot Locker VIP members are eligible to enter. You have nothing to gain by hiding the love you feel for your kicks?VIP members spending $300 per year are upgraded to Platinum status, which means complimentary reward cards with selected purchases, exclusive online offers, and even a birthday discount. You can join and enter today, just in time for the hottest temps on record, at Foot Locker Unlocked.

A few highlights from Foot Locker's "Hottest Month Ever" sweepstakes

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