Concepts & Kyrie Go Mad Solar on Constellation Collab

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Welp, we still gotta wait a while for the Nike Kyrie 6. It’s not all bad though as Uncle Drew is still donning new takes on his last season sig while putting out new collabs just the same. Next up? The Concepts x Nike Kyrie 5 Orion’s Belt.

No stranger to working together, the Boston born boutique proves there are no hard feelings after Irving’s move to BK, lacing the league’s most dazzling point guard in a shoe as flashy as his game.

Continuing the Egyptian theme seen on the previous Concepts Kyrie 5, this Orion’s Belt sequel plays off the powers of the Pyramids of Giza and the theory of their perfect alignment with the constellations. Woah. Not skipping any steps, the pyramids and constellations on the shoe are lined up in accordance and size with the actual ones. Blue shades playing off receded water levels add even more science and storytelling to this deep-dive of a shoe.

Look for the Concepts x Nike Kyrie 5 “Orion’s Belt” to launch on Saturday, October 26th at Concepts NYC on 225 Hudson Street and online at CNCPTS at 11:00AM EST for $140.

Concepts x Nike Kyrie 5 Orion’s Belt

Release Date: October 26, 2019
Price: $140

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