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BAPE teases their launch into the Metaverse with new “King of Apes” NFT. This announcement comes just in time as other brands like Nike, adidas, New Balance, and even Vans, have already made moves to stake their claim in the Metaverse.

Known as the (B)APETAVERSE, A Bathing Ape shapes their very own NFT community, joining-in as art and technology continue to intersect. BAPE welcomes all beings of the Metaverse to come greet their first ever NFT, “The King of Apes.” This signature NFT will be released alongside a handful of other other variations, with each individual NFT stylized in its own unique aesthetic.

The (B)APETAVERSE gives BAPE’s most dedicated fans access to exclusive BAPE contents designed for the digital realm. Full details regarding the (B)APETAVERSE’s expansion are still limited, but so far BAPE has promised a total of 10,000 unique NFTs.

Visit BAPE’s website for more information and stay tuned to @NiceKicks for updates.

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