Armed Forces Spotlight: A Salute to Soldiers Who Have a Passion for Sneakers, Part 2

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Memorial Day is one that we pay respect to the ultimate sacrifice men and women in the service made to protect this country. Nice Kicks respects and supports our troops, and would like to shine a little light on service members who are a part of the sneaker community. Continuing with our Armed Forces Spotlight, we take a look at seven more members of the military that love their kicks. From Spain to Korea, we Salute Soldiers Who Have a Passion for Sneakers in part two of the Armed Forces Spotlight. Thank you to all of those who have served, and those who continue to serve. We appreciate all that you do.

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Name: SrA Major Dixson
Branch: United States Air Force
Years in the Service: 5
Originally From: Rocky Point, NC/Dallas, TX
Currently Stationed: Osan Air Base, Pyeongtaek, South Korea
Nice Kicks: What do you attribute your love of sneakers to?
SrA Dixson: Even as a young dude, I’ve always been into sports. I grew up in the 90’s seeing all kinds of dope shoes from Jordans to Flightposites. It wasn’t easy to get them back then because my parents preached budgeting. Once I had my own money, that’s where it always went.

Nice Kicks: Do you notice a difference in kicks worn in the various places you have been stationed, visited, or people you come in contact with being in the military?
SrA Dixson: Somewhat, but as of late you see everybody rocking and buying the same shoes. Especially in Korea. At any given time in a club you can catch about 10 dudes wearing the same kicks.

Nice Kicks: What’s the favorite shoe in your collection?
SrA Dixson: It’s hands down my OG Air Jordan 12 Black/Red. My favorite Jordan, period.
Nice Kicks: What is the most you have paid for a pair of sneakers?
SrA Dixson: $525 for Nike Air Yeezy 1 Net/Net.

Nice Kicks: Has being in the military helped or hurt your ability to cop the shoes you want?
SrA Dixson: Man, it is helped! I’ve been stationed overseas my whole career, and have met people all around the world that share the same passion for kicks. Overall, Europe was the best spot for kicks. They would sit on shelves for weeks because there was really no hype back then. Times have definitely changed now, though.

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