Adidas TS Commander Performance Review

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The Adidas TS Commander was not what I expected it to be in many ways. It appears to be a much bigger silhouette than it actually is in my opinion. The appearance of the heel is deceiving. Not that it is by any means lightweight, it is just a very sturdy basketball shoe.

The Select System from Adidas is definitely on point, the comfort level of the TS Commander is up there, no matter which of the selectable liners you choose. The comfort is not limited to the heel or forefoot either, there is plenty of padding all around the shoe.

If you’re wanting to hoop in these right away, give it a little time in the gym before the game so they reach their full potential. I spent a little time on the treadmill and in the weight room before bringing these out on court.

More details after the jump, and the TS Commander scorecard.

With the comfort of all the padding comes the one down side to the TS Commander, the ankle support is lacking a little bit. It seems the ankle area got a little too much on the comfort side, due to the fact that the padding seems to keep the ankle strap from being fully functional. This wouldn’t defer me from hoopin’ in these on a daily basis, but it would limit the players that would want wear them, because response time is delayed without that “we are one” kind of feeling with your shoes.

Traction is solid, and the shoes remain stable, but this is definitely a 3-4 or big man type of shoe, it wouldn’t be suited for anybody runnin’ the point, or drivin’ the lane on a regular basis. The TS Commander stays nice and cool due to a unique ventilation system that is integrated into the Select System. With only a little wear showing after more than a handful of trips to the gym, these Adidas should last a good amount of time.

My only adjustment to the TS Commander would be to the ankle area, I think by either removing just a touch of padding, or by adding an additional eyelet, it may add just enough to jump up the ankle support and even responsiveness.

For $99.99, if I’m playing either the 4 or 5 spot, these are great shoe, and well worth the price.

Adidas TS Commander Performance Review

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