adidas Consortium “Your City”

Two weeks ago, we gave you a preliminary view at the adidas Consortium “Your City” Pack. Instantly, it became one of the highly anticipated adidas releases and rightfully so. It was stated that this Consortium lineup will involve 12 different designs; however, Adidas will unleash the first four sneakers this Saturday, October 17th, 2009.

Each one of the four sneakers that will release this Saturday represent a specific, recognizable sneaker store. For example, Undefeated, Bodega, Solebox and Service are each represented by a Trainer, a Super, a Berlin and an Oslo, respectively. It has been stated that the “Your City” is arguably the best Consortium project of the year. Click here to share with us your thoughts and view detailed photos of each.

adidas Consortium "Your City" - Undefeated
adidas Consortium "Your City" - Bodega
adidas Consortium "Your City" - Solebox
adidas Consortium "Your City" - Sole Service
adidas Consortium "Your City"

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