A Look Back at Nike Basketball’s Fun Police Spots

For readers in their late-20s or older, the Fun Police theme likely causes a trip down memory lane, but for everyone else, the Fun Police may be a mystery.

Created by Nike with help from Jamie Barrett and Jimmy Smith of Wieden+Kennedy, the likes of Kevin Garnett, Gary Payton, Tim Hardaway, Damon Stoudamire, Jason Kidd, and Tom Gugliotta served as a force in ad campaigns that protected the enjoyment of the game we all know and love.

In today’s 24-7 hoops culture where training time is at a maximum and kids are getting scouted and ranked before they’re even old enough to drive, the Fun Police may be more necessary than ever. To get a good laugh, we take a look back at some of the squad’s best case work.

Case: Slow Down Office

Cops: Kevin Garnett, Tim Hardaway & Terry Porter

If the fans and the cheerleaders are snoring, how bad can it be for the players? KG and company shut down any four-corners stall efforts by adding fun and flavor to a high school game.

Case: Seat Swap

Cops: Kevin Garnett, Tim Hardaway & Alonzo Mourning

Shouldn’t the best fans get the courtside seats? We think so. Miami’s big two assisted Da Kid and the kids in making the most of their tickets.

Case: International Affairs

Cops: Kevin Garnett

Maybe Kevin Garnett will have this same talk with Drake at the ESPYs.

Case: Ball Hog

Cops: Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, Damon Stoudamire

GP, J-Kidd and Mighty Mouse all preaching what they practice.

Case: Lack of Expression

Cops: Kevin Garnett, Tom Gugliotta

In arguably the most famous Fun Police commercial, Kevin Garnett channels his inner Sipowicz.

Case: Laundry Duty

Cops: Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, Damon Stoudamire

The Fun Police prove that even when off-duty, their minds are focused on fun.

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