Just in Time: A Look At The Greatest NBA Playoff Game Winners

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Prior to this weekend, the NBA Playoffs have been a bit of a “snooze fest” to say the least. However, following a variety of sweeps and decisive first round victories taking shape early in the postseason, this round of semifinals action has been rather amazing.

With LeBron James, Paul Pierce and Derrick Rose producing game winning shots over the weekend, it seemed fitting that we take a look at the best NBA Playoff Game Winners in league history. Headlined by icons such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, this list is rather all-encompassing when it comes to last second shots.

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Michael Jordan: 1989 NBA Playoffs

Moment: Game 5
Stat Line: 44 pts, 6 ast, 9 rebs
Model Worn: Air Jordan 4

Arguably the greatest game winner in NBA Playoff history is the “The Shot” over Craig Ehlo during the 1989 Eastern Conference First Round. With only seconds remaining in a close contest, a youthful Michel Jordan would capture the ball on the wing and dart towards the top of the key. Ascending like a eagle in flight, Jordan would drain a 20-plus footer over Ehlo to seal the game and cement Chicago’s firm grip on the series. Jordan would achieve this in the Black/Red Air Jordan 4.

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