12 Kicks On Court That Make Sense For Nate Robinson in Denver

Yesterday, news surfaced of Nate Robinson agreeing to a deal with the Denver Nuggets. After being able to wear just about any Air Jordan that he wanted to while in Chicago, Robinson will now have to go in a totally different direction in regards to the kicks he brings to the court. What will he wear in Denver? Instead of including all of the shoes that match the Nuggets’ color scheme, we chose a select few that Nate could potentially rock next season.

Over the past couple of years, we have gotten the chance to interact with Nate Robinson and find out why he chooses the shoes that he wears on court. According to his preferences, previous Kicks On Court resumes and childhood favorites, here are 10 Kicks On Court That Make Sense For Nate Robinson in Denver.

**Note** Nate Robinson’s quotes in this feature are from past discussions we’ve had with him and are incorporated to show why these shoes make sense for him to wear.

Air Jordan 7 White/French Blue-Flint Grey

“I remember back in the day, when Jordan wore the 7s, something magical always happened. He always performed at high levels, but it was something different when he laced up the 7s. Some of the Jordans still have that juice that MJ left in them, and the 7 is one of them.” – Nate Robinson

Why: First off, there are not many Air Jordan 7 colorways that feature the Denver Nuggets colorway or a color scheme that even comes close to it. However, seeing that Nate is obviously a big fan of the 7, we expect to find that “juice” in this pair or another one we have on this list. Keep clicking.