11 Sneaker Stories That Unexpectedly Hit the Headlines

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Sure, our blood starts flowing whenever newly-surfaced photos of an upcoming retro surface or we finally get the release date info of one of our must-have sneakers for the holiday season; however, every now and then, an unexpected sneaker related story emerges that literally sweeps up off of our feet. Most recently, the Nike MAG’s availability focused everybody’s attention onto everything Back to the Future. Yet, what extremely big stories have captured our undivided attention beforehand? Do you remember the shoe intended to knock George Bush’s head off? Or what about the riot surrounding the release of the “Pigeon” SB Dunks? Take a look at our 11 Sneaker Stories That Unexpectedly Hit the Headlines feature, and let us know what story intrigued you the most.

Man Throws Shoe at George Bush

Date: December 14,2008
News Outlet:
ABC News

George Bush has done some things that many world citizens were not pleased with during his presidency. Thankfully, no one took it to the lengths of trying to assassinate him. Instead, a projectile shoe was heaved at his head while in a courtroom by an Iraqi journalist. The former president has quickly reflexes might we add.

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