Why Retirement May Not Be Allen Iverson’s Answer

Allen Iverson, a four time scoring title holder as well as former MVP, is far from his the days of his prime, but Allen has millions reasons not to retire at this point in his career – 6 million according to some sources. ?Iverson entered the NBA in 1996 with a footwear contract with Reebok initially for 10 years to the tune of $50M. ?After snatching MVP honors in 2001, his contract with Reebok was renegotiated for a lifetime deal paying Iverson a rumored $6 million per year for the duration of his professional career. ?Reebok has plans in the near future to re-release one of Iverson’s most sought after shoes, the Reebok Question which he wore en route to his Rookie of the Year honors.

The market for the 10 time NBA All Star is far from what it was on the basketball front. ?Last year he pulled in $20.8M compared to a $3M deal he would have received had he stayed with Memphis throughout the rest of the year.

The annual 8 figure salary may be gone, but at $6M a season to lace up his sneakers, don’t expect AI to be so quick to hang up his kicks.

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