Why Nike Doesn’t Want to Stop the Bots

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Bots have changed the game with online shopping.  Plain and simple.

While many people feverishly hit the refresh button and make a mad dash to add items to cart, others opt for an automated service commonly referred to as “bots” to do it for them in microseconds.  As a result, honest human beings have to sit in line and wait behind those who opt to use services that Nike has vehemently stated through multiple channels and press releases as a practice that is “unfair” to consumers.

Today, Fusion explores the vested interest that Nike has in seeing its products sell out in minutes and a constant chase and struggle for consumers in a piece titled How Nike could kill the Nikebots, and why it doesn’t.

In the piece Felix Salmon addresses many different points of view including the need for limited product to drive demand and the reseller market and cites examples from the likes of Nice Kicks and sneaker price guide Campless.

What are your thoughts?  Does Nike, a company with a market value upwards of $87B and friendly with the likes of Apple and other tech giants, have the ability to stop the bots?

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