What I Wanted & What I Got: Nate Robinson

May 31, 2012 | George Kiel III |



Excerpt #2 of our 1-on-1 interview with Nate Robinson highlights one of his unforgettable childhood moments regarding sneakers. It also serves as the second edition of our What I Wanted & What I Got, a new column in which we ask the interviewee to recall a shoe they ended up with (as sort of a consolation prize) instead of the shoe that really wanted at the time (see What I Wanted & What I Got: Team Nice Kicks). Check out Nate’s?What I Wanted & What I Got story below. We think this is a win-win situation for anybody.

Check back tomorrow for our full interview with Nate Robinson.

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Air Jordan 11 "Concord"

When the patent leather Jordans first came out, so did the Air Max Penny Is. My dad made me choose one or the other that day. So, it was either the Jordans or the Pennys for me. That was around the time when Nike featured the commercial that had Jordan wearing the “Concords” and dunking on the tall hoop in the gym, and he was hanging. It’s one of my favorite commercials ever. But I had a lot of Jordans already at the time, so I picked the Penny 1s over the Jordan 11s. I really wanted the Pennys, but looking back, I really, really wanted the Jordans too. Penny was doing his thing at the time though. I loved the Penny commercials with Lil Penny too.” – Nate Robinson

Nike Air Max Penny I "Orlando"

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