The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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We had plenty of sneakers, both hot and horrendous, to choose from for the third week of September. Since the summer season is officially behind us, we should be looking for some fresh sneakers to rock for the fall/winter season. With that said, all of the brands have and will continue to showcase their lineups for these upcoming months. Click here to see what we deemed good, bad and ugly out of these soon-to-be-released fall/winter releases.

The Good – Major Jordan Brand 2009 Holiday Releases

Major Jordan Brand 2009 Holiday Releases

Obviously, each one of these major Jordan Brand holiday releases can stand alone in our ‘Good’ section; however, the official release date schedule is what makes this four-sneaker grouping represent the ‘Good’ spot as a collective. With that said, you are now able to officially plan your purchasing of these sneakers! Are you going to pick one to purchase or are you going for all four?

Click here to read additional information and the official release date schedule about the major Jordan Brand 2009 holiday releases.

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