The Best Kicks Worn at George Kiel’s “High Fiber” Kick & Roll Open Gym in Dallas

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The Kick & Roll Classic 3-on-3 Basketball Event, our Editor-In-Chief George Kiel’s leading fundraiser event for his Kiel Colon Cancer Foundation, has given birth to an extension of the event called the Kick & Roll Open Gym.

These min-sessions are free, sneaker-themed monthly pickup basketball gatherings designed to raise awareness for colorectal cancer, encourage a healthy lifestyle and build a rapport within the communities they serve through themed, non-monetary donations. The themed donations go to specific groups and/or entities, such as cancer clinics, community centers and health organizations, that they target each month in hopes of bettering the overall state of colon cancer.

This past weekend, Kiel Colon Cancer representatives traveled to Dallas, Texas for the second and final Kick & Roll Open Gym session in the city this year. The event, sponsored by the Josh Childress Foundation,brought out close to 100 persons to the Mo Williams Academy in their best and favorite sneakers. View a recap of the best sneakers worn at the event in Dallas.

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