The Best Classic Ads Featured On @OldSLAMads This Week | 7.28.15

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Remember that time Mike James was featured in a nationwide print campaign? When Paul Wall repped Avirex sneakers? Or when adidas made a basketball shoe exclusively for snowy outdoor winter seasons with a lug outsole?

If not, that’s what @OldSLAMads is here to help you out with.

This week’s recap features the obscure oddities mentioned above, along with an demographically-inclusive Wade 2 spread, post-retirement Jordan campaign and the full-color Hyperflight ad that inspired you to cross your mom in the kitchen, hit a spin move on the lady down the street walking her dogs and then posterize your mailman. Greatness indeed.

Check out all of the best @OldSlamAds from the past week, as seen on Instagram, and let us know your favorite from this week’s group in the comments section below!

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