Soldier Boyz // Imagining a Team LeBron Roster

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Nearly two decades ago, Nike let Michael Jordan spread his wings to start the Jordan Brand. Not only would his silhouette score a range of product outside of his signature line, it would also see the official signing of a young crop of players that were either in his image or displayed characteristics deemed worthy by the GOAT himself. The likes of Eddie Jones, Ray Allen, Derek Anderson, Vin Baker and Michael Finley would all rock Jordans and Team takes of their own tagging while Michael faded away from the backcourt to the front office.

Years before retros would prove a worthy breadwinner, The Jumpmen added legacy and insurance to the global brand in an era where the NBA hardwood was where the bread was won. While LeBron easily has four more years in the field, is it time for him to assemble his Soldiers?

Following Ben Simmons’ signing to King James’ Klutch Sports agency, the idea of the LSU forward being an official LeBron athlete is one that more than makes sense. However, having more than one athlete makes even more sense. Paying attention to shoe preferences, LeBron liking and skill set, we envision our idea of what Team LeBron could look like.

Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons Nike LeBron 13 All-Star
photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images via Zimbio

Ben Simmons only played one season in the Bayou, but his SEC schedule was swamped with PE and iD variations from the LeBron and Soldier series. While at LSU you’d be hard pressed to sight Simmons in anything not of LeBron’s likeness.

As Simmons moves to the next level, his top pick placement, swingman status and passing prowess all show signs of King James and a fitting member of his could-be Team LeBron. On top of that, inking LSU as a LeBron school for basketball (and maybe even football) could be an awesome extension of the Akron-product’s growing reach in the worlds of sport and business.

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