StockX CFO John Kaelle will be Leaving the Company at the End of the Month

StockX is undergoing a change in leadership this month as StockX CFO John Kaelle will be leaving the company at the end of the month.

The decision follows recent changes in the company as it has gone through two rounds of layoffs within the last calendar year — one round in June 2022 and the other in November 2022.

In an internal email obtained by Nice Kicks, current StockX CEO Scott Cutler addressed Kaelle’s departure thanking him for his work with the company.

“When I came to StockX, one of the first roles I sought to fill was that of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). We were beginning to hit our stride as a company and needed to augment the leadership team with a financial; executive that would help us transition from a startup to a sustainable, global business. We found that in John Kaelee, who has been our CFO since October 2019,” Cutler stated. “Today, we’re announcing a change in our leadership team, as John will be leaving StockX at the end of the month.”

“Over the last few years, John has touched every part of our business, helped guide our global growth, and built a solid team that enables us to navigate the many financial intricacies that come with employing team members and serving customers around the world,” he added.

“I am grateful to John for his partnership and many contributions to StockX,” Cutler ended the email with.

Prior to his work with StockX, Kaelle was the CFO and Advisor for Seal Software, which was in charge of “contract discovery, data extraction, and analytics, enabling Global 2000 enterprises to find contracts across their networks, understand risks/opportunities and place them in a centralized repository.”

Kaelle’s time with the company overlaps with much discussion about the company filing for IPO. However, to this date, the company is not publicly traded.

Kaelle will serve in a consultative capacity over the coming months while his team will lead the financial function until the company hires a new CFO, sources tell Nice Kicks.

StockX’s last funding round, in April 2021, valued the company at $3.8 billion after raising $195 million.

Statement from StockX:

We are grateful to John for the many contributions he’s made to StockX since he joined the company in 2019. As our first-ever CFO, he helped StockX scale from a startup to a sustainable global business. As we kick off the search for a candidate who will lead us into our next chapter of growth, we thank John and wish him the absolute best.

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