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Located in Patchogue, New York, the Sneaker Bistro Boutique has been filling the appetites for those that are craving a fresh serving of kicks.

Sneaker Bistro has been giving sneaker lovers the latest in kicks and apparel since June of 2006; it was founded by fellow sneaker enthusiast and collector Joe “Mr. Bistro”. The Sneaker Bistro proudly serves up pretty much everything from Nike’s to Jordan’s, to Reebok’s, to Crooks & Castles and everything in between. Therefore, next time your in Patchogue, make sure to stop by and visit Joe and the Sneaker Bistro family.

With that being said, click here to see pics of the store and learn a little more about the shop and it’s owner.

Sneaker Bistro Boutique
580 Route 112 Suite 17
Patchogue NY 11772

Name: Joe “Mr. Bistro”

Tell us a little about you and your position at the store
: Well, I’m 33 years old, and I am the owner and manager of Sneaker Bistro. I’ve had a passion for sneakers since I was 16 years old, and it still continues.

What makes your store special? We were the first sneaker boutique in Long Island. I traveled to NYC often for kicks, but I wanted to bring that boutique feel to the Island. Our motto is: we serve our customers here with five-star Service.

Shoe that got you hooked: Even though I don’t really wear a lot of J’s anymore, the shoe that got me hooked was the Jordan Military 4’s back in ’89.

Last pair you purchased: My last purchase were the ’09 True Blue 3’s.?

Favorite pair you don?t own: They’d have to be the Kaws AF1.

Amount of pairs you own: Right now I own 250+ pairs. The stack doesn’t grow as much as it used to. Although we get limited kicks I’d normally cop, I rather see our clientele happy.

Top three of all-time: My top three are…

Stash AF1 High
Mark Smith Laser AF1 Low
Playstation AF1 Low

Which upcoming release are you looking forward to?: In March ’09, we released our first collabo sneaker with DC Life, so we are looking forward to our next one. Stay tuned.

If you weren’t a Shop Owner you would be: a Crane Operator.

One reason why shoes matter: It gives off a certain characteristic. From the color you wear to how clean you keep them.

One reason you love shoes: Personal identity.

One thing that you dislike about the shoe game: “Who’s got a better collection?”. Whether it’s a quickstrike or GR, wear what you like. Today’s GR is tomorrow’s retro, and kids don’t seem to understand that in the game today.

Anything else you want to tell our readers? We’d like to thank all the readers for checking out this post and Nicekicks for posting us up. For all of you who are new to Sneaker Bistro Boutique, your more than welcome to stay updated on our new releases.

Sneaker Bistro

Sneaker Bistro

Sneaker Bistro

Sneaker Bistro

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