Seth Rollins Describes What It’s Like To Kick Someone’s Head While Wearing The Big Red Boots

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! — No! It’s the Mschf Big Red Boots coming upside your head by the might of WWE wrestler Seth Rollins.

The self-proclaimed Drip God recently spoke to GQ, detailing his rise as the WWE’s undisputed fashion king, who has worn both the Mschf Big Red Boots and the Crocs x Mschf “Big Yellow Boots,” all while kicking ass and taking names in the middle of the ring.

[The Big Yellow Boots] give me kind of a bigger target space. It’s like shooting buckshot. I get a wider net to cast, so to speak, when I’m aiming for somebody’s head.

Seth Rollins on wrestling in the Crocs x Mschf “Big Yellow Boots” via GQ

Rollins has become a modern day style icon in the world of wrestling as he regularly sports gaudy get-ups featuring flashy prints and over-the-top silhouettes akin to the ’80s and ’90s WWE heyday, made famous by legends like Ric Flair, Bret Hart, and Randy Savage.

Back in February, Rollins went viral for curb stomping The Miz as he wore the Mschf Big Red Boots paired with a fishnet longsleeve and black leather pants. Before the match, Miz antagonized Rollins with a classic, “What are thoseee!”

Rollins quickly snapped back saying, “It’s called style, Miz. I know you wouldn’t know a damn thing about it.”

Moments later, Miz was on the floor and Seth freakin’ Rollins was stomping on his head with the Big Red Boots in full force.

“Shockingly, they’re quite comfortable and functional,” said Rollins when detailing his experience of wrestling in the Big Red Boots. “They feel like regular shoes when they’re on, but they give you an added bit of stability because there’s so much extra on the sides. There’s no wobble. I mean, if you were to miss a step, it’s game over. The risk-reward ratio is high. But for me, as a seasoned athlete, once I got moving around in them a little bit, I felt pretty good.”

The viral moment led to Mschf sending Rollins a pair of their Bwd sneaker that can be worn backwards. This time around, Rollins flaunted the unconventional silhouette with his World Heavyweight Championship belt and a red sequin tracksuit fit for a drip god like himself.

Rollins continues to stunt in the ring with his latest flex being the $450 Crocs x Mschf “Big Yellow Boots,” which were debuted by Paris Hilton earlier this month. Two footwear cults collided on the polarizing silhouettes as the Crocs fanatics and Mschf enthusiasts were mind-blown by the seemingly impossible creation.

Naturally, Seth Rollins took a liking to the audacious silhouette and sported the larger-than-life boots while delivering a swift kick to Finn Balor’s face, once again triggering a viral sensation.

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