Rudy Gay’s Case for 2013 Kicks On Court Champion

Rudy Gay‘s midseason trade from Memphis to Toronto allowed him flourish in more ways than one. Sure, he would finally get to play in an uptempo, fast-paced offense that he longed to be a part of and run the entire length of the court with other high-octane players, such as DeMar DeRozan and Amir Johnson. Yet, the move also allowed him the opportunity to shake the rust off of many shoes he hadn’t worn since his UConn days.

“When I made the move to Toronto, I immediately thought Bulls – red and black,” said Gay. “I have a bunch of Jordans in the crib, and I really wanted to wear them on court.”

Gay wasted no time in making that clear. In his Raptor debut, Rudy scored 20 points while wearing the highly-coveted “Carmine” Air Jordan 6. He followed that up with wears of the “Taxi” Air Jordan 12 and the “Playoff” Air Jordan 11 against the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics, respectively. After six more Air Jordans, Gay slowed it down, per request of his Nike rep, and consistently wore his favorite basketball shoe of the year.

“The Hyperposite is hands down my favorite shoe of the year, and it’s much better than the Foamposite in terms of performance,” said Rudy Gay. “I like to play in both, but having the Air bag throughout the entire foot on the Hyperposite makes it more comfortable.”

Gay first garnered our interest in Memphis with his “Black History Month” Hyperposite PE and his Grizzlies pair colored in shades of blue, aqua and yellow. He then laced up three new Hyperposite PEs in the last week of the season, which granted him one of the highest rankings in our iD/PE department from anybody this season.

Check out how Rudy Gay fared in our five departments of Kicks On Court Champion voting. Plus, get a full recap of everything Gay brought to the court this season, including detailed, close-up photos of his Hyperposite PEs.

Nike Hyperposite Memphis Grizzlies PE Nike Hyperposite Memphis Grizzlies PE Nike Hyperposite All-Red PE Nike Hyperposite All-Red PE Nike Hyperposite Silver/Red PE Nike Hyperposite Grey/Red PE Nike Hyperposite Silver/Red & Grey/Red PEs Nike Hyperposite Black History Month PE Nike Hyperposite Black History Month PE Nike Hyperdisruptor White/Red/Grey-Black PE

Top iD/PE Wears:
1. Nike Hyperposite Black History Month PE
2. Nike Hyperposite Memphis Grizzlies PE
3. Nike Hyperposite All-Red PE

Rudy Gay thrived in the iD/PE category. The five Hyperposite PEs speak for themselves, and his three Hyperdisruptor PEs were not too shabby either.

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