Former Jordan Designer Cooks Up a Joe Hebert Reseller NFT

Joe Hebert can’t stay out of the sneaker news cycle. For those unfamiliar, the reseller known as West Coast Streetwear was recently featured in a Bloomberg article detailing his business. Like some younger resellers, mommy’s credit card helped out. Did we mention that his mom is Ann Hebert, former VP/GM of Nike North America?

Following the backlash of the article and the revelation that Ann Hebert’s corporate credit card was used to fuel WCS, Ann Hebert stepped down from her position at Nike after a 25-year career.

But wait, there’s more. Memes, jokes, jabs, think pieces, and everything in-between has ensued following Hebert’s departure from the Swoosh. Things are just heating up.

Rick Maderis, a former Jumpman designer, joined in on the fun and created a Joe Hebert non-fungible token. Essentially, consider it as a meme that has monetary value.

The NFT was created in an explicit album cover style with “Parental Advisory” at the forefront poking fun at Joe’s “success” with his mother’s help.

The NFT titled “TEAR ZERO” is available at OpenSea.

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