Reebok’s Repeated Run-ins with Rap Artists

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Reebok launched the RBK line and saw tremendous success partnering with Jay-Z and G-Unit.?? The winning streak with hip hop artists came to a hault unfortunately for Reebok after the first two acts were signed.

Over the weekend many of you probably heard of a little scuffle that involved the newest kid on the Reebok block.?? For whatever reason, this isn’t the first time that Reebok has had some drama with entertainers who were signed to their brand.

Click here for a brief history of some of the fiascoes Reebok has had with their spokesmen.

Pharrell sues Reebok

Pharrell filed a complaint in late 2004 against Reebok for $4 Million accusing them of breech of contract.?? Reebok and BBC inked a deal to develop, produce, and distribute BBC Ice Cream sneakers and clothing.?? According to the lawsuit, the clothing did not meet BBC’s standards and deliveries to vendors went past agreed upon deadlines.?? The two sides eventually reconciled and continued to deliver the official hype beast sneaker in 2005 and 2006.

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