Reebok Tells Gortat Jordan Tattoo Won’t ‘Fly’

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For the most part, tattoos are with you for life; however, shoe deals are far from permanent. That said, Orlando Magic forward/center Marcin Gortat is now in the middle of a dilemma. Gortat, a Reebok brand member (but obviously a Michael Jordan fan) has been asked to cover up his Jordan Jumpman tattoo.

In detail, Gortat was asked, by Reebok representatives, to cover the tattoo up or wear long socks. The tattoo, located on Gortat’s right leg, is a red Jumpman logo overlapped by the silhouette of a basketball. This subject raises a lot of eyebrows. Why would Reebok ask him to cover it up now when he’s had this tattoo for some time now? Better yet, with Reebok being owned by Adidas, is this Adidas’s response to Coach K covering up Dwight Howard’s sneakers in the US Olympic Basketball team photo this past summer?

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