Reebok Answer 3 to Release as a Retro?

As it now stands, Allen Iverson has the second longest running signature sneaker line in basketball history, only trailing Michael Jordan. Since his start, Reebok has always managed to keep current and retro product from AI on the shelves, with their Classics campaign over the past few years seeing a stronger push. So far, the Reebok Question, Reebok Answer 1 and Reebok Answer 4 have all returned as retros. Is the Reebok Answer 3 next?

Overseas site Weibo recently posted a picture of what looks like a retro version of the Reebok Answer 3. While the model is best known for lacing the Philly PG over the course of his fourth NBA season, the shoe had an even wider reach as it was launched in team colorways for then-Reebok sponsored colleges like Michigan State and UCLA. While the model originally launched in 1999, it did return as a retro team shoe in the mid-to-late 2000s via Eastbay.

While we hope this spotting results in a retro release, it is still possible that even if it does that it could be an Asia exclusive. For the course of his career, Allen Iverson has had an incredibly strong fan base in Asia. His small stature connected well with Far East fans, while his amazing play and iconic image added to his star. The post on Weibo featuring the shoe has the #ThisIsClassic hashtag, which points to a current campaign and a US one at that. Stay tuned to Nice Kicks about news regarding a possible Reebok Answer 3 retro release.

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