Pre-Order for the Mis Zapas Air Jordan Book Ends Soon

Oct 12, 2017 | Ian Stonebrook |



The good people at Mis Zapas made a really, really good Air Jordan art book. How do we know? We were blessed with a digital copy of it. Lucky us.

It could be luck you, too, as the book is currently available for pre-order. Yes, we all know Michael Jordan wore Air Jordans (duh) and the internet provides us plenty of pics of him in them, but for those that were around when he was coming up it was more about how he wore Air Jordans. The knee sleeve. The socks. The gear. The delight is truly in the details in this art project turned book that sees Mike in every outfit (in-game and promotional) tied to each pair he tied up. Trust us, it’s sick.

Pre-order is available here and ends this Sunday.