Pha (For) rrell (Real) adidas Painting by Shannon Favia

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Seen today is the Pha (For) rrell (Real) adidas Painting by Shannon Favia. Representing the partnership between the star and the stripes, but more so inspired by musician himself, Shannon had this to say on Pharrell and the painting:

“Here’s something totally new that I’m very excited about. A Pharrell/Adidas inspired painting. Pharrell is such a brilliant artist. Genius really. I’d always appreciated him as an artist but then heard an in-depth interview with him on the Howard Stern show. He gets art and artists on every level. The interview he gave was inspiring.”

“Typically I use a lot of stencils for text in my background. The I DUNNO that was hand painted on his Stan Smiths inspired me to hand paint his name and the “for real.” He’s original and For Real. He’s authentic and inspires others to be their authentic selves. Many times artists or eccentric people are referred to as “strange birds” or rare birds, which is why this funky little bird with layered Adidas original logo feathers is rocking the shell toes. The bird is Original with passion in it’s heart just like an artist or Pharrell.”

Made using acrylic and aerosol paint and featured on a 2 ½ x 4 ft canvas, check out photos of the Pha (For) rrell (Real) adidas Painting below. Keep up with Shannon’s art on Instagram and Facebook.

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