PF Flyers Sporting Life 2010 Preview

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Last night in New York City’s fashion district, PF Flyers held court with their Sporting Life 2010 collection preview. Many people remember PF Flyers from Benny the Jet Rodriguez’s famous fence jump from the ’93 classic The Sandlot. PF Flyer’s has actually been in the game for over 70 years repping Posture and Foundation, hence the acronym PF. PF has also outfitted long time Celtics Great Bob Cousy with signature on court kicks throughout his illustrious career. They’ve even worked up a special Kelly Green Celtics colorway for Spring 2010.

The Sporting Life collection features kicks for both on and off the hardwood. From the reissue of the ’43 classic, the Rambler Hi, to the newly designed sequin printed Glide. PF has produced an interesting take on materials from premium leather, to standard canvas, as they try to reclaim the position the brand once held in the ’40s and ’50s. Peruse the pictures of the collection after the jump, and decide for yourself whether you’ll be rocking some Posture and Foundation’s this spring.

Bob Cousy Lo All American
Boxcut Center

Center Hi Perforated Leather

Rambeler Hi Reissue

Bob Cousy Hi All American