Performance Review: Jordan CP3.IV

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Chris Paul is undoubtedly one of, if not the quickest guard in the game. His uncanny ability to change directions instantly and perform at different speeds during a game can be associated with his kicks. Jordan Brand designer Jason Mayden has had the difficult task of creating a signature sneaker for Chris Paul and relating it with his unique traits. At a first glance, the newly-designed Jordan CP3.IV seems to be the best sneaker for Paul in regards to its low-profile, lightweight construction; yet, does its performance capabilities match its gratifying look?

We decided to put the Jordan CP3.IV through our performance test to see how Mayden improved from last year’s Jordan CP3.III Take a look at our Jordan CP3.IV Performance Review Scorecard and check out our in-depth analysis of this sneaker, along with detailed photos.

Jordan CP3.IV Performance Review

Lightweight Construction

“My shoe is like playing a video game and having a cheat code.” – Chris Paul on the Jordan CP3.IV.

Chris Paul’s comparison of the Jordan CP3.IV to a video game cheat code is literally right on target. His fourth signature shoe, the Jordan CP3.IV, possesses a unique combination of comfort and the ability to aid one’s quickness/agility when performing. Comfort is an undeniable characteristic that is wanted in every sneaker no matter what it is used for. Whether you’re running, walking or participating in any physical activity, many favor comfort over anything including design cues. The Jordan CP3.IV is easily one of the most comfortable sneakers thanks to the ever-improving Podulon technology by Jordan Brand. You may recall last year’s Jordan CP3.III being the first Jordan Brand sneaker to incorporate the newly developed Podulon technology which maintains one’s cushioning and responsiveness (although the Independent Podular System was first featured in the Air Jordan XX). Mayden and Jordan Brand undoubtedly capitalized on this technology by creating an ultra-responsive and extremely cushioned sneaker. Within the Jordan CP3.IV, the Podulon technology simply acts as a cushion bed through its highly-reactive Cushlon foam. It is placed directly under the forefoot and directly balances any high impact movements caused by the wearer. In detail, the Cushlon foam almost acts as a waterbed mattress by sustaining and stabilizing any movement against the foam. The Podulon technology is also a strong foundation for one’s foot whenever it returns to the hardwood after jumping, running or side-to-side defensive movements.

In addition to the Jordan CP3.IV’s unmatched comfort level, this sneaker features an extremely lightweight construction. At a time where lightweight, performance-based sneakers are extremely buzzing, the Jordan CP3.IV fits right in with the other featherweight sneakers on the market such as the Kobe VIs, the LeBron 8s, the Hyperdunk 2010s and the Hyperfuses. Although the Jordan CP3.IV may weigh a little more that the previously-mentioned shoes (14.45 oz.), its lightweight synthetics make this shoe feel lighter that what it actually is. Specifically, the no-sew construction, which includes mesh and leather, reduces the weight of this shoe all while maintaining a nice level of support.

Lastly, Mayden laced the Jordan CP3.IV with personal, respective qualities that aid Chris Paul’s game; however, any wearer can benefit from these traits. First off, the lateral forefoot outrigger acts as an additional resistance tool when making sharp cutting movements. Chris Paul uses a lot of stop-and-start hesitations movements on the court, and this element allows one’s foot to gain control after instant movements such as these. One can also thank the forefoot flex grooves for such quick reaction time within the Jordan CP3.IV. Sometimes, when making quick, sharp turns on the hardwood, one’s foot is liable to not react as quickly as your mind wants it to; yet, these grooves allow you to maneuver at maximum speed when cutting.


The Jordan CP3.IV is well-designed sneaker with many qualities that cater to a player that relies on quickness and speed. Therefore, its weaknesses are very hard to come by. The CP3.IVs durability level might be questionable. After only wearing it a couple of times, the toe area creases in multiple areas. This makes you wonder how long this shoe can last if, just after a couple of wears, it is already bending. Durability is another key factor in basketball shoes seeing that it is better to play in one shoe for awhile instead of switching from sneaker to sneaker.

Overview: The Jordan CP3.IV is a groundbreaking sneaker within the ever-growing CP3 line. Jason Mayden and Jordan Brand definitely improved on the incorporation of Podulon technology on this while not losing the integrity of its build. It undoubtedly belongs on the same playing field with some of the shoes we all considered great in the performance category. This shoe provides the wearer with an obvious advantage, especially for the players that rely on speed, quickness and agility.

The Jordan CP3.IV will hit retailers on January 1, 2011, for $118.

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