Performance Review // adidas Adizero 5-Star 40 Cleat

Anytime you’re slated to endure a job interview, you are a bit nervous; and rightfully so. However, for those participating in the 2016 NFL Combine, the stakes are a bit different as 32 prospective employers are watching some of the finest collegiate athletes perform drills such as the 40-yard dash. With players of years past vaulting their draft stock into unforeseen levels during said event, the impetus to run a fast time at the combine is more than imperative.

With that in mind, plenty of players are eyeing the historic time of 4.24 set by Chris Johnson during the 2008 combine and with the record still in tact for nearly a decade now, adidas Football is looking to break new barriers with their latest cleat. Introducing the adidas Adizero 5-Star 40 cleat, adidas is offering a $1-Million dollar cash prize to the fastest member of the 2016 NFL combine that breaks the record in the aforementioned cleat.

No matter how much your net worth may be, $1-Million dollars is very enticing, and adidas gave us the opportunity to test our speed in the model at hand.

For the starters, the lightweight feel of the cleat is immediately noticeable as the upper is made of SPRINTSKIN ULTRA technology with photo-realism. In addition, the outsole fuses a SPRINTFRAME plate that provides stability, but ultimately proved to be a bit costly to my 40 time.

Upon warming up, the lightweight feel is evident and has the feeling of track spikes for those who have had experience running track. The extra insole provided bodes well for comfortability and ironically weighed the same amount as the cleat itself. As I planted and set myself up to takeoff, I noticed the SPRINTFRAME felt a bit different than the normal adidas Adizero cleat, and for someone with flat feet like myself, it proved difficult to “pick up and put down.”

However, during the run, the aforementioned lightweight feel was immensely comfortable and useful, but the lack of energy provided from the less-resistant SPRINTFRAME plate hindered the process a bit. But, by the time I crossed the finish line, I was more than comfortable with my 4.9 forty time considering I haven’t ran a 40-yard dash since my freshman year of High School.

Nonetheless, for those preparing and training for spring ball and the upcoming fall football campaign this cleat is certainly worth the purchase for those training to dominate the competition this year.

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