1 On 1 with P4P Shoes, the Shop Behind P.J. Tucker’s Rare PE Finds

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Kiel: Do you surprise him regularly or does he put in a request for what he wants you guys to find for him?

Naper: Some stuff I’ll run by him first, and other stuff I just know he’s interested in no matter what. I think he gets more excited now because it gets harder and harder to find stuff for him because he has everything now. When I text him and say, ‘I have a Bin 9 for you,’ he gets super excited. I think he’s going to rock that Bin 9 on court. I don’t know if anyone has ever done that before. He really enjoys the search in trying to find gems, and we do too.

Kiel: Tell us more about the origin of P4P Shoes.

Naper: We really wanted to help the community of buyers and sellers come together in a safe marketplace and find exclusives and not have to worry about fakes and scamming, and we pride ourselves on obtaining the shoes you don’t normally see. We opened up our Phoenix store on September 1 of 2013, so our two-year anniversary is coming up shortly. We’ve done a lot of stuff, locally, with charities and kids – getting shoes and clothes for kids that can’t afford it. That’s always been one of our biggest focuses. We opened our second store in Los Angeles last June, so we just had our one-year anniversary for that store as well, and we’re in the process of opening a store in Dallas at the end of August. So that’s three locations – all consignment. We do buy collections as well, just depending on what it is. We actually just started consigning Supreme items too – getting into the clothing stuff.


KielDo you guys keep any exclusives for yourselves at your different locations for display purposes?

Naper: Definitely. We have tons of stuff. We have almost every Oregon PE at our Phoenix shop; we actually just sold a couple of 5s. The only two we don’t have are the white Oregon 4s and the black 5s. We get a lot of Revis PEs; even the pairs that were exclusive to baseball players last year. I’m personally big into trainers, so I always look forward to seeing those come in.

Kiel: What’s the average price for some of the rare PEs at your shop?

Naper: I’d say the average PE amount these days is about $1500, depending on Jordan model, size, etc. They don’t go for crazy numbers because of the big sizes. You have a smaller market for buyers on PEs. But we just had a couple of Gary Payton PEs; those usually go for more because GP wore a size 13, which is kinda on the border of what regular people can wear and what NBA players wear.

Kiel: Is there any other NBA players that regularly shop with you guys?

Naper: Eric Bledsoe shops with us a lot too. The Morris twins have stopped by. T.J. Warren started shopping with us last year after he got drafted. We’re looking forward to Devin Booker; hopefully he’ll stop by soon now that summer league is over with. I know he’s really big into shoes as well. Isaiah Thomas shopped with us while he was in Phoenix. Jared Cunningham, who now plays for the Utah Jazz, shops with us at our LA shop. He has a pretty, crazy collection. But it’s all about word of mouth, and we’re definitely growing.


If you’re interested in visiting P4P Shoes at one of their three locations, check out location information below or check out their site at p4pshoes.com.

P4P Shoes Phoenix
600 N 4th St #146
Phoenix, AZ 85004

P4P Shoes LA
10867 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

P4P Shoes Dallas (opens at end of August)
5319 E Mockingbird Lane St #122
Dallas, TX 75206

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