Osiris x Consolidated Drunks BS

Consolidated Skateboards teamed up with Osiris to create a new shoe thats part of the “Don’t Do It” campaign.?? This campaign was started by Consolidated in 1997 to create a grass roots skateboarding movement to keep big athletic companies like Nike out of their industry.

Not to rain on the parade, but Nike has entered as Nike SB and is outselling many established skate shoe companies.?? This has only added fuel to the fire for the Don’t Do It campaigners.?? Since using a swoosh would get them in a whole lot of trouble, they have opted for a Banana and termed the shoes “Drunks BS” – a stab at “Dunks SB”.

To learn more about Consolidated’s campaign visit dontdoitarmy.com.?? Pics thanks to HighSnobiety.

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