Olympic Diaries: Series Recap

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Our Olympic Diaries series ended this past weekend with an “I’m Back With Nike” statement from Jason Kidd; yet, that can’t begin to describe everything that transpired in the Olympic series. In case you missed it, we have a full recap of the 2-week long series below. In addition to the aforementioned Kidd statement, Patrick Ewing spoke on why it’s the “perfect time” to relaunch Ewing Athletics, Gary Payton detailed the creation of the Nike Air Zoom Flight “The Glove,” Ray Allen recounted his most memorable Jordan moments and Sheryl Swoopes explained the crossover success of her signature line. View each story below.

Patrick Ewing – 1992

“I?ve always preferred the high cut, and in my opinion high-tops are coming back.” – Patrick Ewing

Patrick Ewing Speaks On Why It’s the “Perfect Time” to Relaunch Ewing Athletics

Gary Payton – 1996

“I don?t wear anything else on the court but the Glove. I have hundreds of Glove colorways in my garage, so I have turned it into something like a shoe store. I usually go in there and pick out a pair each day I play…” – Gary Payton

Gary Payton Details Creation of the Nike Air Zoom Flight “The Glove”

Ray Allen – 2000

“It was ironic because I had an Air Jordan 9 and an Air Jordan 11 on my feet, which add up to my jersey number 20. The sneakerheads said I was doing that to try and add up to 20…” – Ray Allen

Ray Allen Recounts His Most Memorable Jordan Moments

Sheryl Swoopes – 2004

“Most people think, with girls, you?re going to get your pinks, your yellows, your fuchsias and those types of colors, but I wanted it to be a woman?s shoe that looked tough.” – Sheryl Swoopes

Sheryl Swoopes Explains Origin and Crossover Success of Nike Air Swoopes Line

Jason Kidd – 2008

“I’m back with Nike.” – Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd: “I’m Back With Nike”

Olympic Diary interviews by George Kiel (geokthree).

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