Nike Zoom Kobe V Performance Review

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How low can you go? Eric Avar was put in limbo when Kobe Bryant asked him to top the infamous Nike Zoom Kobe IV by…well, taking more off the top. After long nights in the Innovative Kitchen, Avar and the good folks at Nike developed a slimmer, sleeker, and shorter sequel to the Kobe IV, the Nike Zoom Kobe V. Carrying over the three technological staples of the Kobe IV (Lunar Foam, Flywire, and Zoom Air), the Kobe V catapults off the success of its predecessor dropping jaws with its funky material choices and eye-popping colorways. The Kobe V also drops the scales weighing in at 10.6 ounces, 1.4 ounces lighter than its air light senior. The question arises: Is the Zoom Kobe V too low and even too light? Is the shoe potentially more dangerous for the player playing in them than the player playing against them? Does Kobe Bryant actually sell ankle insurance?

The Nike Zoom Kobe IV scored a 93. However, does the Kobe V have what it takes to surpass the Kobe IV? Or do these soccer inspired sneaks deserve to be left out on the pitch and kept off the hardwood? Click here to view our in-depth analysis on Nike Zoom Kobe V pertaining to its performance capabilities.

Nike Zoom Kobe V Performance Review
Nike Zoom Kobe V Performance Review

Strengths: The Nike Zoom Kobe V is by far one of the more comfortable shoes ever assembled. Zoom Air units appear in both the heel and forefoot, providing great court feel and excellent responsiveness.? The low cut improves lateral mobility, most noticeably when on the defensive end and cutting without the ball. Another nice touch on the shoe is the bubble pattern mesh tongue. Not only is it breathable but it also works as a pseudo inner-bootie, providing luxurious comfort and great lockdown. The Flywire technology has, and will always ignite criticism from many, but the implementation of Nike?s golden child proves lighter and more flexible on the Kobe Vs than that of the popular Hyperize. After playing in and reviewing both, we can confidently say that the Kobe V is a superior shoe to that of the Hyperize because of more responsive cushioning, greater mobility, and ultimately a better fit.

Weaknesses: Flaws are hard to come by when evaluating the Kobe V. Lockdown problems led to stability issues when played while wearing a thinner sock. You can attribute this more to lack of friction within the shoe as opposed to performance flaws seeing as the lockdown has been phenomenal when wearing heavier socks. Durability is also a concern. After two weeks of play, the Lunar Foam is already showing wear as is the outsole. It seems as if the Lunar Foam will not bottom out as fast as other shoes with the same technology because it is backed with a Carbon Fiber plate and Zoom Air cushioning.

Overall, the Kobe V is perhaps the one of the better basketball shoes ever created. The Kobe V?s are really as light and comfortable as people say they are. Eric Avar has done it again, leaving only one question: What will they do next?

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