Nike Zoom FP “Fun Police”

A decade ago, Nike Basketball launched a campaign of print and television ads to promote their headlining athletes where the group of superstars assembled the “Fun Police.” Their mission: to bring fun back to the game of basketball. Some of these commercials did cause a little bit of controversy for taking shots at NBA officials, but some of the 60 second spots earned awards in the advertising world (just a few more trophies for W+K).

Next summer, Nike will bring back memories of the Fun Police by way of the Nike Zoom FP that takes design inspiration from the Zoom Flight V (Jason Kidd), Air Garnett III (Kevin Garnett), and Zoom Flight T Bug (Tim Hardaway). Much like the Sharkley from this year, the shoes are a mixture of Nike classics, but are still court ready with Zoom Air heel cushioning. Something a bit interesting (and ironic) is that two of the three shoes represented in the shoe were signature shoes for athletes who have left Nike (Kidd & Garnett).

Look for these next May for $88. Pics and info from Fear23 of NikeTalk.

Nike Zoom FP “Fun Police”

Nike Zoom FP “Fun Police”

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