Nike Named World’s Most Valuable Fashion Brand

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It’s certainly no revelation that Nike is the world’s most valuable fashion brand. This is a post they’ve held for some time, weighted against their lofty yet achievable goals for expansion. According to a new report from valuation and strategy consultancy, Brand Finance, Nike’s ascension has grown globally due to continued sales growth juxtaposed with inclusive and gender-neutral marketing outreach.

“Nike’s bold marketing makes it stand out in a busy marketplace of sportswear apparel brands, in a time when customers look for experiences and emotional connection,” Richard Haigh, Managing director of Brand Finance told Highsnobiety.

The valuation firm announced today that Nike, as the world’s most expansive fashion brand, is valued at $32.4 billion. This marks a 16 percent increase when compared to this time last year. The substantial uptick is largely due to sales growth in China, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Nike’s seizing of the global market is coded in its ability to speak to not just its people but all people. Their “Dream Crazy” campaign with Colin Kaepernick last year was an immeasurable touchstone for human impact. Done at a time when it couldn’t have registered with greater emphasis, Nike followed up that triumph with another — “Dream Crazier” featuring female athletes and starring Serena Williams.

All of this — including Nike’s strategic boldness in marketing an athletic hijab — counteracts the often timid approach to marketing taken by its competitors. Moreover, Nike straddles the line or race and injustice better than most. It’s, by in large, why indigenous countries support Nike with remarkable consistency.

Brand Finance calculates the value of brands like Nike and others through widescale metrics. They factor in both past and future revenue forecasting, brand strength, and trademarks associated with marketing IP. For a full listing of 2019’s 50 most valuable fashion brands in the world, visit here.

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