Nike Dunk Hunt Shirts

Nike has been obsessed with video games as of late. The latest Nike Dunk Hunt Shirt which pays homage to the classic Nintendo video game Duck Hunt shows they are still not over it. Remember we showed you the the Nike Air Force 2 ‘Game Select’ at Finishline, which was inspired by the classic Atari CX2600 console. There was also the 720 Dunks, and the Skate or Die Dunks. Most recently we showed you the Atari inspired Blazer Highs.

The Dunk Hunt shirt is something we all can relate to. We all know we’ve been on one of those hunts to find that pair of kicks we just couldn’t live without. If only it were as easy as aiming at the center of the screen like the original Duck Hunt! Check out both styles after the jump.

Pics and info from Motive807.

Nike Dunk Hunt Shirt

Nike Dunk Hunt Shirt

Nike Dunk Hunt Shirt

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