Nike Air Force 1

The Nike Air Force 1 broke through the gates in 1982. The idea was simple enough, the world’s most abundant resource: air. A ½ inch thick insole changed basketball shoes forever, and what was in it? It’s no secret, it’s just unbelievable because when you open the sole you can’t see it. It keeps us happy with every breath, and now it keeps our feet happy with every step. The Nike Air Force 1 was the first basketball shoe to ever feature Nike Air cushioning. The shoe was an absolute game changer for basketball players able to wear a shoe that provided cushioning beyond an insole. Since their initial release the Nike Air Force 1 has re-released in man colorways to keep up with current fashion trends. The Nike AF1 is a legendary shoe that has transcended from the basketball courts to becoming an iconic silhouette in contemporary American culture.

Release Date: 1982
Model: Nike Basketball – Air Force 1
Color: White/Grey
Availability: General Release
Info: Nike Basketball
Release Date:1982Model:Nike Basketball – Air Force 1Color:White/GreyAvailability:General ReleaseInfo:Nike Basketball
Release Date:1982
Model:Nike Basketball – Air Force 1
Availability:General Release
Info:Nike Basketball