Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke by Mayor

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Sneaker enthusiasts Mayor is known for making some unique and well-received designs when arriving at 21 Mercer Street. He obviously has an undeniable love for the Air Force 1 and continues to leave his mark as an Air Force 1 addict. Here we have pictures of yet another Mayor Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke creation.

This particular pair screams ‘royalty’ at a first glance. It features a predominately metallic gold upper combined with a rarely-seen gum midsole (yes, we said midsole not outsole. Other interesting features include a burgundy sock liner and a swoosh, the shoelaces and the outsole done up in the same color. Additionally, Mayor spoke with Strictly Fitteds on the design process of this particular pair. So without further ado, hit the jump for more pictures and Mayor’s words. What are your thoughts on this Bespoke creation?

“With 17 Bespokes created this was one of my toughest challenges, but there is a method to my madness. There is a conventional way to do Bespokes which consists of picking out your materials, sitting with a designer and bringing your creation to life. Me, I work backwards- I walk straight into the studio, sit at the computer, glance over at the materials, close my eyes for a few minutes and I normally come up with a hit.

With this particular shoe, I was stuck. I spend two appointments which is about two hours each to drum up a shoe with no luck. So I went to the table and started to really concentrate and this Metallic Gold leather was just staring me in the face. I choose the Gold because I am a big fan of the metallic leather and thought why not do a all Gold shoe. After working with the Gold I decided it needed some accents. I am big fan of gum bottoms so to be different instead of the bottom I choose a gum midsole. To continue with the uniqueness of the shoe I wanted to build I choose a route that has to date has never been done before. I used a Burgundy nubuck sockliner. To finish off the shoe accents I used a burgundy swoosh and laces.

This shoe sat in my collection for about nine months, finally a hat came along to match. Now about the hat. My assistant and close friend KoKo was in Boston and happened to walk into the store CONCEPTS. He called me and told me where he was. With permission of the Manager, pictures were taken and emailed to me. The moment I saw this Burgundy NEW ERA 59Fifty cap with the Gold “CNPTS” logo I knew it was a match made in heaven.

Thank you to my big brother Nai for deeming this combo WELL WORTHY! 21 MERCER for putting up with me, and Concepts for the love. The rest is history.”

Nike AF1 Bespoke by Mayor
Nike AF1 Bespoke by Mayor
Nike AF1 Bespoke by Mayor
Nike AF1 Bespoke by Mayor
Nike AF1 Bespoke by Mayor

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