Nick Young’s Case for 2013 Kicks On Court Champion

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Before we state Nick Young’s case for 2013 Kicks On Court Champion, refresh your memory with his quote prior to the start of the 2012-2013 NBA season: “I may take a year off from the Kicks On Court game. Instead of switching my shoes every night, I might just really stick to the Kobe 8s this season.

Based on that quote in our Kicks On Court Diaries interview with him, we forecasted a season of consistency instead of a volume of variety in the shoes Nick Young would bring to the court this season. We predicted Nick Young to come back down to Earth with his kicks on court because, after all, most earthlings stick with the same shoe for an entire season.

However, Nick Young proved this season that no matter what he says, the one they call Swaggy P lives to be distinctive on court. One can make an argument that he had more of an impressive Kicks On Court lineup this season than last season when he was crowned the champion – at least we think so.

“I slipped a little bit this season,” said Nick Young. “I was right there in Philly and didn’t wear any of my Barkleys. There was also some special shoes I planned on wearing during NBA Green Week, but the NBA wouldn’t let me because of color. I could’ve worn a lot more.”

Young could’ve worn more, but A LOT more may be a bit of a stretch. 50+ shoes were worn by Young this season – some of which hadn’t seen an NBA hardwood in years. The “West Coast” LeBron III, the Nike Air Baja and the Air Jordan 3 “Flip” were just a few of the shoes Young brought back from yesteryear. He even themed his kicks on court in some instances. For example, he wore the white, red and black Kobe I against Kobe Bryant in Philly this season.

“I wore the Kobe Is against Kobe this season and scored 30″, Young said. “Kobe said to me, ‘I see you young fellow. We need to bring those back.’”

NBA legend Gary Payton also showed Young Twitter love for bringing the Nike Air Zoom GP II back to the hardwood. A tweet from Gary to Nick Young the day after the game read: “Way to rock lil’ homie. Much Love.” – Gary Payton.

Check out how Nick Young fared in our five departments of Kicks On Court Champion voting. Plus, get a full recap of everything Young brought to the court this season, including his limitless amount of NIKEiDs.

Nike Air Zoom GP II Nike Zoom Kobe I White/Black-Red Nike Zoom LeBron III “West Coast”

Top Element of Surprise Wears:
1. Nike Air Zoom GP II
2. Nike Zoom Kobe I (against Kobe Bryant)
3. Nike Zoom LeBron III “West Coast”
4. Air Jordan 7 “Filbert”

We’ve learned over the course of the past two seasons that Nick Young, himself, is an element of surprise. Therefore, you have to expect the unexpected with him on a nightly basis. Instances like wearing the Kobe Is against Kobe, the LeBron 20-5-5 against LeBron and bringing the Zoom GP II out in a season where everybody had the Nike Zoom Flight ’98 “The Glove” on the tip of their tongues were abrupt shockers.

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