New Balance M575J WF “Pony Hair”

We’ve seen some pretty creative takes on New Balance’s simple silhouettes and generally traditional colorways, like the “Feral Creation Collection we featured yesterday. And it that vein, we give you the NB M575j WF “Pony Hair.”

While it was black pony hair used in the aforementioned collection, this Newbie uses tan hair over a white premium leather upper. That’s pretty much all there is to these, with the exception of the light splatter graphics on the heel, and the leather laces, which look like they took inspiration from horse reins to keep in theme with the hair.

For those that are interested, these are now available at atmos Japan. How do these stack up against other NB’s we’ve seen before, or even other sneakers that use pony hair?

New Balance M575J WF "Pony Hair"
New Balance M575J WF "Pony Hair"
New Balance M575J WF "Pony Hair"

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