My 5 // Trey Lyles’ Sneaker Rotation

Air Jordan 1s

Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard Away"
Air Jordan 1 “Reverse Shattered Backboard”

Trey Lyles: “I wear the ‘Top 3,’ ‘Powder Blue’ and ‘Reverse Shattered Backboard’ 1s. The ‘Reverse Backboards’ are my recent pickup. I got blessed on that one. Joe Johnson gave them to me when he got here because me and him wear the same size. I told him if he doesn’t need anything he can throw them my way. He blessed me and those are my favorite 1s right now. I talk to him about playing for Jordan Brand and he says he just gets boxes. He took care of me that one time and he’ll always have stuff early. It’s cool having him around.”

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