My 5: Frank the Butcher

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A true OG of the independent creative movement and quality-first collaborator, Frank the Butcher helped build the CNCPTS name into a staple of international sneaker culture. The man behind more than a few crazy collaborations, including the??Blue Lobster,???The Kennedy??and??The Freedom Trail,??is also a respected producer, designer and podcaster.?Having recently been appointed Creative Director for the Boylston Trading Co., the man who wears many hats isn?t set to slow down anytime soon. Thankfully though, we were able to hold him up long enough to find out what he?s wearing most often these days. Check out his My 5 here and stay up to date with his most recent exploits at The Butcher?s Block.

Converse Straight Shooter (Black)

Frank: “Summer time in Boston is hot and muggy so I try to keep it light. The Converse Straight Shooter is gorgeous. Love the stitch lines and shape plus they feature a super comfy and light Lunar Foam drop in. I’ve been running (not literally running, more walking with a bop) with these heavy since I got them.”

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