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Just last month it was announced that Chad Knight, the former Director of 3D Footwear, left Nike to spearhead a new Metaverse project at Wilder World. Well it seems now that there may be more to the story as Complex’s Brendan Dunne revealed that multiple high-ranking Nike designers left the company throughout November.

One of those designers being Sergio Lozano, who started at Nike in the 90’s and even designed the Air Max 95. Joining Lozano’s departure is Nat Jobe, who was Nike’s Senior Footwear Design Director who managed Virgil Abloh‘s “The Ten” Collection. Tom Rushbrook is also set to leave Nike after 10 years at the company. Rushbrook was formerly the Global Senior Design Director for the men’s sport style innovation.

Sergio Lozano’s influence can be seen everywhere in terms of Nike, as he has designed for Nike Tennis, training, and All Conditions Gear. All of this experience eventually led up to the creation of the Air Max 95, which remains one of the most popular Air Max silhouettes to this day. Amongst other ventures, Lozano also designed the Air Max 98, the Air Tuned Max, and the Air Max 2003.

Nat Jobe spent time at adidas and Converse before making his way to Nike. Being that Converse is owned by Nike, it would make sense that this was Jobe’s way into the Swoosh. Jobe had many memorable moments at both Nike and Converse. He helped to develop Converse’s First String line and even worked on the ACG line at Nike.

At this time, Nike has decided to keep details about the departures private.

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