Michael Jordan Statue puts Reebok on Thin Ice

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Don’t worry readers, this is not another Fusion. Recently, the famous Michael Jordan statue in front of Chicago’s United Center had been dressed in hockey attire to celebrate the Chicago Blackhawk’s run in the Stanley Cup Finals. As many of you know, the famous statue depicts MJ wearing the Air Jordan 9. However, a skate blade was attached to the soles. The problem? A Reebok skate was attached. Within 48 hours, a Nike sticker was placed over the Reebok logo.

Reports are now speculating that this was the work of a fan and not industry heads at Nike or JB, however, this isn’t the first time Reebok, Jordan, and the Blackhawks have crossed paths. Last spring, Jordan attended a Blackhawks game in a personalized “23” Blackhawks sweater. MJ did some additional personalization covering up all Reebok logos on the jersey.? Additional pics of the statue and skate change can be seen below.

Air Jordan 9 with skate and Nike sticker (left), original Reebok skate on statue (center), full statue in Blackhawk's attire (right)

Source: Yahoo! Sports

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