Melody Ehsani Resigns From Role as Creative Director at Foot Locker Women

(Lead image via Foot Locker)

Designer and entrepreneur Melody Ehsani has officially stepped down from her role as Creative Director at Foot Locker Women. Ehsani first joined Foot Locker in March of 2021, while also maintaining her first namesake label, ME.

The LA-based tastemaker announced her departure on Instagram saying, “I am grateful for this chapter as my role as the creative director with Foot Locker comes to a close to refocus on other creative endeavors and forge new paths. Foot Locker will always be family, and I am excited to continue my journey with them on other projects in the near future.”

It seems that Ehsani still has intentions to be involved with Foot Locker in one way or another, and that both partners remain on good terms.

The official Foot Locker Women account left a sweet message on Ehsani’s IG post commenting, “Thank you ME, for reminding us through your work and words that women have the power to change the world.”

During her time at Foot Locker Women, Ehsani helped to engage and elevate Foot Locker Women’s presence with the sneaker space. From content to product development, and even official collaborations, Ehsani applied her artistic eye to the overall brand image and its offerings.

Ehsani herself is well known in sneakers as the designer boasts an impressive lineup with Jordan Brand. Both her Air Jordan 1 Mid and Air Jordan OG remain highly coveted, and everyone was hoping that her Air Jordan 36 “Melody Ehsani PE” would release.

Moving forward, it seems that Ehsani will be spending most of her time as a new mother, as she gave birth to a baby boy in December 2022, but will also be getting ready to work on one of her latest projects, Proto Collective, which just revealed its new Iris-d silhouette.

Proto Collective is new in the sneaker space and is backed by an impressive board that features Jeff Staple as brand lead, Jeffrey Henderson as product lead, Katie Longmyer as CEO, and Jillian Ricciardi as COO, as well as WeWork co-founder Miguel McKelvey, who is the lead primary investor. Ehsani will be working alongside Jessica Orkin as an advisory role for Proto Collective.

Together, the collective hopes to change the way products are made and encourage sustainability, with its main focus on creating a sustainable supply chain in the Americas. Proto Collective wants to pull back the curtain of the production process, while also prioritizing mindful and local manufacturing for a range of different products.

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Melody Ehsani via Foot Locker.

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