Latest Court Ruling Allows adidas to Continue Primeknit Production

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Last month, Nike was granted?interim injunction?against the production and sales of the?adidas?Primeknit running shoe in Germany. Because of this, adidas was ordered to stop both the manufacturing and the production of Primeknit sneakers in Germany. Today, the court in Nuremberg ruled in favor of adidas, to set aside the injunction on November 7th.

Nike will continues to seek a permanent injunction and move forward with the patent infringement case.

“We will continue to aggressively protect our intellectual property rights, including through the conclusion of this interim injunction proceeding as well as in a formal infringement case,” a Nike spokeswoman said.

Adidas “vigorously denies the alleged patent infringement,” stating?that they’ve filed for cancellation of the Nike patent and further claiming that the technology used to make fused yarn uppers has been around since the 1940s.

Source: Reuters

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